The Pantry Makeover!

Sooooo i am back so soon! i know i have surprised myself! But before i get my bout of laziness back, i will go about on how i transformed my pantry so that it is a room full of solace for me! ❤

Well this is the ‘before’ picture of my pantry. Not so much of a pantry but also a store for other things. i still do store things other than food items, but now i can run in while cooking in the kitchen and find what i want instantly 😛


So how did i even start with this mess? I started with emptying the room completely and putting things in categories like, trash, pantry items and other items. Then I cleaned the shelves and grouped like pantry items and kept them on the shelves in rows. So all the canned items went together, the flours and lentils, the pastas and the likes.


I also went on Microsoft Publisher and made these pretty labels so that i can, of course, label the rows of food items and look how neat they look!!! I made other kinds of labels to mark flour bins and spice bottles.



And i found this pretty golden basket to dump my spice packets in (as i could not make them stand :P)


With all the items in place. I made a little neat box out of a tissue box to keep my take out menus in. It was made in a hurry but nevertheless i adore it ❤ I stuck it on the wall with the help of double sided tape.


While i was at it. I made a list of the items i had in my pantry. And since i made a few labels for spice bottles in the kitchen too, i made a list of items there too. And then with the help of evernote, i have a pantry inventory in all my devices, and thanks to that i can easily make a grocery list!!



With everything in place, clean and inventoried, i gave my final touches to the pantry door ❤


And here is my ‘after’ picture of the pantry! Adorable isn’t it? 😀


So having done what i promised, i am done for the day. Next i will be posting pictures of my bathroom makeover into an in-home spa. I know you must be jealous 😛 What is it you say? I know i am a resident and i gotta study…. 😦 So until my next post….

Make-over-ingly yours :P…ciao!

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