Meet My New Kitchen Assistant!

Having recently bought an android mobile, my old ipad has been lying in the study uncharged for a long time now. As i even mentioned earlier i use evernote for storing all my recipes. But using it on the android has been a bit annoying. One because of the relatively small screen. And two, because i have my office email synced to it, it requires a long password, and everytime the screen goes out i have to type the whole password, sometimes with greasy fingers!

Looking for an alternative, my eyes fell on the neglected ipad 😛 and an idea was born! Since i am not using it for anything else, i deleted all irrelevant apps from it, and removed the password. Now i just have evernote, the browser, facebook and twitter on it.


Nested on the wall of the counter in between the stove and washing sink, it is now in an ideal place from me to keep in sync with my recipe while working. The large screen and ability to keep the screen alive until i switch it off myself are ideal!

If i have any queries on a particular recipe i can always look it up on the browser ( and update my cooking skills on twitter and facebook too 😛 ) I plan on looking for a few other cooking apps as well to add to this little assistant.

Oh did i forget to mention that i still do take that ipad with me upstairs when i am going for a bath soak! after all how else can i use that awesome screen if i dont watch movies on it 😛 Nevertheless, being primarily a kitchen utensil for me, it has made life a lot easier 🙂

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