Travelling….and in style!

While packing for a short trip to Bahrain, i tried searching for a good must-take items list. As i was short on time,i really needed help to pack. I did not find anything useful. So i thought why shouldn’t i  post a list. So once packed and in the plane, i sat down and made a list of things, which i wouldnt imagine travelling without!


Here’s my 15! :

  1. Appropriate luggage cases with chic luggage tags 😛 – if you are carrying your luggage across the country and walking most of the time, you do not want to haul big suitcases. Also consider the baggage allowance if travelling by air. The luggage tags so that you can easily identify your luggage, and add the chic so that you are travelling in style 🙂
  2. Hand carry purse: i like to keep my hands free while travelling at the airport, but there are always some essentials you have to have at hand. For that i always carry a purse, that is big enough, and can be slung on the shoulder. My hands are free, i have an accessory on me and i am carrying my stuff too!
  3. Passports, tickets, travel documents, guides, local currency, credit cards – no explanation needed! but a little tip here, dress up all these with stylish passport covers! you are, after all, travelling in style!
  4. Clothes and under garments – always keep one extra! and keep a wash bag for dirty linen!
  5. Footwear – again appropriate and stylish both!
  6. Haircare products, hair straightner, soap or shower gel – yes you do get them at hotels, but the quality is not guarenteed. And you do not want your photos to be spoiled just because you used the wrong shampoo! try to keep travel sizes of your favorite brands
  7. Make up bag and accessories pouch – keep your make up essentials (including perfumes) and accessories at hand at all times!
  8. Sleepwear
  9. Swim wear – you never know when you might want to jump in the pool!
  10. Camera, its charger and memory card – because you dont want to go to any trip without bringing back memories!
  11. Your favorite gadgets, mobiles and all their chargers! AND a travel iron!
  12. A good pair of sunglasses and a good sun block
  13. Medicines
  14. Gifts – for anyone you might be meeting at your destination (not if you dont want to 😛 )
  15. A good paperback, ear plug and eye cover for long flights or road trips 🙂

Anything else you would like to add to the list? i would love to hear more ideas!

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