Making stuffed parathas using frozen parathas

So i am not such a fan of making parathas, as they never turn out round 😛 And since my DH is not a roti fan i seldom have any dough in the fridge. But what can one do when you crave stuffed parathas?

I tried searching for some tricks online but apparently noone has tried it, so i thought why not give it a try and if successful, share it with you guys!

I made egg masala parathas, you can make the filling of your choice.

1. Make the filling and let it cool down for some time


2. Now heat the pan and keep one frozen paratha on it

3. Quickly spread the filling on the paratha keeping the edges clear.


4. Now cover with the second frozen paratha, and press the edges so that the top and bottom layers of paratha stick to each other (note: this should be done before both the parathas are cooked or it wont stick, keep the flame low)


5.Let one side cook and then carefully turn over and cook the top paratha


6.Viola!! Serve with your favorite side! (i have torn the paratha so that you can see the stuffing inside)


Take out 2 parathas at a time from the freezer, otherwise the rest will start thawing. Once you put the first paratha on the pan, the rest of the process has to be done very quickly, so that the 2nd paratha does not start thawing and so that the lower one is still uncooked and the second one sticks to it.  I made these with frozen parathas from the market, if you want you can freeze home made parathas and use them too!

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