What’s in my…

The last time i blogged, i was just a married medical resident, juggling between home, husband and work. Since that time there has been a very pleasant addition in my life. Blessed with a daughter, i am now also a mom Alhumdulillah, and trying to find a balance between all these roles. As a comeback, i have decided to write a “what’s in my” series. Where i will list and sometimes review products which i keep ( in various places).

Today’s post is about “What’s in my handbag”. It has practically become a trend on various platforms to list the contents of handbags, and essentials one won’t leave their home without.



I have always had the habit of carrying large tote bags because of my OCD for having everything at hand ( just in case!!). Without further delay here goes:

1. Burberry wallet – for money, credit cards and business cards too (duh!!)

2. Beats headphones – for, well, listening to anything, anywhere without annoying people ( or my sleeping baby)

3. Givenchy makeup pouch and Evian facial spray – for my everyday essentials. This is something very new to my bag. But since i have been caught without makeup on multiple occasions ( sleepless nights and working shifts does not add to your natural beauty) i vowed to myself i would always carry makeup with me!

4. Sunglasses – to add the glam factor anytime apart from the obvious reasons

5. L’occitaine handcream and sanitiser – purells at work, washing dishes and generally everything related to having a toddler at home, have dried and aged my hands. So these are life savers ( or hand savers!)

6. Pen and notebook – despite being a technology fanatic, I believe some things are better done the old fashioned way

7. Ipad – loaded with ebooks and my favorite shows

8. Portable charger – i tend to use my gadgets a lot so…

9. Gum – to keep hunger and sleep at bay, and brain working

10. Painkillers – and i tend to get a lot of headaches -_-

11. Mobile phone and Keys – no explanations needed!

12. Foldable shoes ( scholl) – another recent addition. Just read about these a while ago and thought they are an awesome idea. Specially when you have to switch roles within minutes!

13. Usb – i always keep one for any important files i might need to take from someone

14. Wipes and tissues – being a mom means spills, smears, crumbs and dirt at the most unimaginable times. I don’t need to elaborate.

That’s quite a lot of things, but my new Nine West tote fits in everything nicely, and being a mom has taught me but one thing – to be ready for anything!!!

Watch out for the other posts in the “what’s in my” series. Till then ciao!!

P.S- how much ever i might like it, but i was not paid by any of the brands I mentioned in the post!! 😛

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