What’s in my diaper bag!

Or rather what’s in my baby’s diaper bag ?. So back with the second post of “what’s in my” series, in am writing today about the (endless) contents of DD’s diaper bag. Since she has turned a toddler the contents have changed a lot, so in this post i will be listing items i carry in a ‘toddler’ diaper bag and do another post for the baby bag.

I am really obsessed with ‘listing’ things and also about reading what other people have in their various bags ( hence the series!). So all the things in my bags ( or other places ) are kept after extensive research ( aka reading blogs while stuffing my face) and first hand experience ( that is the experience of not having the right thing at the right time… Ever…)

Coming back to the toddler diaper bag list, (as usual) none of the brands have sponsored me for writing this post, but I’m mentioning names because these are the products I have used, and loved!


1. Ryco Diaper Bag – when DD was born i had no idea how to choose a diaper bag ( a pink one will be great!). After using several diaper bags I finally settled on this one. One because of the size, and two because of the several pockets ( OCD for organization kicks in). It comes with it’s own changing pad, pacifier pod and wet bag ( did i mention a separate pocket for everything?). Oh and a separate compartment to keep baby’s milk cool ( or hot, whatever you prefer ?)

2. Diapers – something very obvious! I always carry atleaaaast three!

3. Changing mat – you will not find a changing pad every place you go to. A changing pad makes life easier. Period. ( *sigh* remembering the time i had to use my scarf as a changing pad…)

4. Johnson’s Baby Wipes – these are multipurpose really! From cleaning the little one’s bum while changing diapers, to wiping their faces and hands ( smeared with unimaginable things), to cleaning up messes. They do it all!

5. Clothes – i keep bodysuits mainly. Because you just have to carry one piece. Right now I have 2, one that can keep the cold out , and another one for higher temperatures ( that’s winter in the desert baby! )

6. Jacket/Sweater, Socks, Gloves, Sunhat – yup, despite it being cold, the sun is bright ( really bright) here.

7. Swaddling blanket – i lovvvvvve the swaddling blankets at Pottery Barn! They are so breathable, stretchable and the right size ( big! ). For my LO they double up as loveys, blankets and a cover for the car seat/ stroller.

8. Johnson’s Baby Lotion – to avoid dry skin.

9. Cool & Cool Kids Sanitizer – because toddlers and germs, literally, go hand in hand.

10. Chicco Baby Sunscreen – I realized it’s importance only just now. A must have!

11. Johnson’s Petroleum jelly and Nappy Rash Cream – i use the petroleum jelly to keep rashes at bay, and the nappy rash cream to treat the inevitable ones.

12. Avent Milk Bottle and Sippy Bottle – just got these recently and absolutely love their sturdiness and functionality.

13. Milk – i keep small tetra packs with me and just pour them into the bottle when needed.

14. Snacks and Spoon – Goldfish crackers, Sun-Maid Raisins, Annabel karmel biscotti biscuits, Innocent Kids Smoothie, Babybel cheeses and Organix finger foods are some of my ( and DD’s) favorites. I don’t remember where i got the spoons from but they are heat sensitive and change color when the food is too hot for the LO to handle. Now that DD eats the same food as we do, I don’t have to carry her food. Just the spoon is enough, because it’s a task feeding them with those plastic ones!

15. Pacifier pod and pacifier – I got my lovely pacifiers customized by mumzworld.com .

16. Wet/Soiled Clothes Bag – came with the bag, and it’s a life saver ( in cases of poop blowouts… Or diaper leaks)

17. Waste bags – for the dirty diapers. I usually keep small shopping bags ( talk about recycling)

18. Toys – i have a small crab and a magnetic scribble board ( by ELC) to keep her busy. IMG_0256

20. Ipad and headphones -Ipad loaded with her favorite videos, and the headphones to keep us sane ( ever had nursery rhymes on repeat in your head at work?). The headphones are from Hamley’s.

21. Book – i keep changing these. Right now it’s one from Baby Einstein.

22. MnM Toy Fan – it’s a toy. And also something to keep the baby cool during a heat wave ( trust me, i learned it the hard way!)

23. First aid – adol, nail clippers, thermometer, band aids.

24. Ear plugs – imagine this : you are at a desi wedding, where music is blasting right out of the loudspeaker right next to you, and baby is crying because she is sleepy. Well, now you know!

25. Evian baby spray – another heatwave partner.

26. Antibacterial wipes – for cleaning any surface the toddler might come in contact with.

27. Bib – to keep your LO presentable even after lunch! Don’t remember the brand but i love this one. It’s made of silicone and is flexible enough for storage. And so easy to clean too! I got mine from mumzworld.com .

28. Burp cloth – for spills, both intentional and unintentional ones ?

Yes it all does fit into one bag!! Will be posting links and close up photos of some products soon! Till then wait up for my next post!

Yours Truly,
Mama in Scrubs

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  1. Faryal says:

    Omg N, did u write this?!! Wowww! Awesome piece! Really enjoyed it a lot. Informative for first time moms looking to make their first diaper bag … And comparable piece for all the moms who’ve already been there. My diaper bag sounds just like urs except the first aid. But now that u mentioned it … Im thinking how was i dumb enuf not to keep that with me at all times too!

    Keep up the good work! Though i dont know WHERE u find the time to multitask soooo much!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mama In Scrubs says:

      Thanks Fari! Feel great being appreciated by you! I will be posting a diaper bag list for infants soon ( they need different stuff until 6months and their’s another list for 6-12 months lol!)


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