What’s in my beach bag?!

No, I don’t have a beach body, nor am i an avid swimmer, but what i do have is a beach/swimming bag, thanks to my kiddo! I am an amateur swimmer ( if there is something less than that i am that) but i have always wanted my baby to be a pro at it. Hence, i started early and my visits to beaches and swimming pools increased many folds since she turned 5 months old.

Anyways back to the post. I keep the same bag for swimming pools and beaches. That and DD’s beach toys remain in my car boot at all times (for impromptu visits). I will divide the list into things which i keep for her and the one’s i keep for me.

For Baby ?:
1) Chicco Sunscreen – lots and lots and lots… (Did i mention lots?)
2) Snacks – if you survive a trip with a toddler without any snacks on hand, let me know. I have mentioned my favorites before, but fruits would do great too.
3) Baby powder – i have heard that it helps get sand off your little one. Haven’t tried it yet, but will surely update how it works.
4) First aid kit – as i mentioned earlier in another post, it is one of the must haves
5) Johnson’s Wet wipes – for diaper changes, and so many other things ?
6) Huggies Swimming diapers – you don’t want your baby to go in the water in the usual diaper and risk a blowout *scream* (hand me those swimming diapers please!)
7) Avent Water bottle – keep ’em hydrated, please!
8) Wet bag – or even a plastic bag would do. The aim is to keep the wet and salty ( or chlorinated) clothes separate.
9) Toys – you can sit an stare at the water or the sunset for hours, but sadly babies have an attention span of goldfish ( go figure!). I have a dump truck, cupcake moulds,bucket and spade set and water books. I keep all of them in a basket for easy transport.
10) Change of clothes – because you don’t want a wet, cranky, hyper toddler in your car.
11) Sunglasses and hat– if they wear them, that’s great! If they don’t, well then it can add to the collection of toys ?
12) Flipflops – shoes have a tendency to collect sand (souvenirs from the beach) and yes you do get really tiny ones.
13) Disney Poncho towel – a towel would do, but i love this poncho towel that i got from Matalan. It has a hoodie which helps dry of the hair as well, and i just have to put it over her as soon as she is out of the water.
14) Swim gear – proper swimming attire is essential. This includes swimming rings or safety vests, whatever is suitable.

For Mommy ?:
1) Flip flops from PINK – because it’s stylish?! ?
2) Book– the time i am not screaming at the toddler, i would like to read please.
3) Sunscreen, glasses and hat- mommy absolutely does not like sunburns. Ouch.
4) Towel from… Any guesses?! (PINK ?) – for those occasional times i venture into the water. Mostly used for many other purposes ( like using as a beach mat ?)
5) Lip balm with spf – something i have in my bag since a very long time but never used.
6) Snacks and water– mommy needs to refuel too! I am in love with the bottle i got from… PINK.
7) Gadgets – in waterproof pouches.
8) Beauty bag – to keep the sunscreens, lip balm, hair brush, body mists, lotion for DD and other essentials. I won’t mention where i got mine from ?
9) Bedsheet/beach mat– you can add a cushion to that too *yawn*

That’s about it! I stuff everything (keyword: stuff) except the toys into my *drumroll* PINK beach bag ( i guess I’m obsessed). See you again with another post in my “What’s in my” series! Till then, au revoir!!

P.s- i do sound biased towards particular brands (no guesses for this one!), nevertheless this post is not sponsored by anyone. How many times do i have to put up a disclaimer anyway? ?

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