What’s in my car..?!

It’s been a busy week, with a party, an exam and new project I’m working on. So i thought of keeping this week’s post simple. As i was cleaning my car the other day, I thought, why not write a post about what’s in my car?

Apart from it’s transporting capabilities, my car is used as a huge handbag, and a makeshift home too. Since I’m on the road most of the time, “what’s in my car” is a very important post for me.

Disclaimer- i try to clean my car as frequently as possible, but it never seems to remain that way for more than a microsecond (if you have a toddler, you know) .

Let me dive into the list of my car’s contents now, without further failed attempts at being funny ?

1) Silver Cross Reflex Stroller– i will review this stroller in a later post. All i can say about it now is that it takes minimal space in the small trunk of my small car ?

2) Beach toys, Picnic rug & Swimmimg bag – remember the post i did about “what’s in my beach bag?” , yup i mentioned that i keep beach toys and the beach bag in my car so that we can go to the beach (or even on a picnic) on a whim.

3) Diaper bag – carrying a diaper bag from my home to the car, then back inside, while carrying a baby and a purse too, made me look like a mule ? And then one day i had a ‘eureka’ moment and thought why not keep a ready diaper bag in the car at all times? And if it’s missing something, i just carry them in my purse to the car and refill ? i keep it on the floor of the back seat so i can even access it from the driver seat.

4) Chicco Keyfit Car seat – it is something obvious to keep when you are traveling with a baby, but i really cannot stress on the importance of it. I have used a hauck car seat too, but i just love my Chicco Keyfit too much ( and I’m having a hard time parting from it, now that my baby has exceeded the weight limit ?)

5) Sanitiser – in my console box as i have forgotten to sanitize my hands more than often after work.

6) Audio books and music – my ipad is loaded with EMRap podcasts ( for when i am driving alone) and audiobooks (For the LO)

7) Aux wire and mobile charger – i use a usb car charger and keep usb cables of all my devices in the glove box.

8) Ipad – my ipad is always in my purse, and the LO’s ipad is attached over the headrest of the back seat facing the car seat ( to keep her busy during car rides) I keep it filled with her favorite shows and it works like magic really. When we are going into the mall for a long trip the ipad goes into her bag or stroller.

9) Toys – my daughter has a habit of carrying a new random item from home to the car every morning. So they just get collected in a bag in the car and once in a while i take them back home. They are useful as toys because they are totally random and help as distraction in case of a meltdown ?

10) Shoes – I don’t wear my work shoes from home because taking them off and wearing them again ( you won’t understand why, it’s my daily drill) is not so easy. So i wear slippers from home and when i reach work i slip on my converse.

11) Doctor’s Coat – again i don’t like carrying it to and from home, so it remains in my car.

12) Chewing Gum – this is an essential for me, and i keep it in every place possible. Specially while driving it helps me keep awake.

13) Water – putting a toddler into the car seat can be exhausting, and with the weather here, i end up sweating profusely just with the process of getting settled in the car. Water helps ( specially if you haven’t even had breakfast). Some lucky days i even get my coffee in the car! ( they should make coffee machines for the car, or even portable kitchens! )

14) Snacks – although i am contemplating something for myself at the moment, i usually just keep snacks for the LO.

15) Paracetamol – with the sun glaring at you at all times, or even a late dose of coffee in the morning, i have frequent headaches. One solution.

16) Garbage bags – I hang a plastic bag on the gear (effective), because my car dustbin ended up rolling around and spilling contents.

17) Tissues – i keep them in my door’s pocket.

18) Other essentials – some very important things, that include a spare tire, a tire changing kit, first aid kit, car documents and manual.


I have put up disney princess window shades, which my LO loves to look and point at. The baby mirror attached next to the ipad is a lifesaver (atleast for me!) . It gives me the satisfaction of watching my baby at all times.

I have had ‘bad car days’ but i have somewhat reached a stable point with my car now. Experience is the best teacher really and you can only know what you need ( and what you don’t) by experiences. Do share with me what you keep in your car, i would love to hear it! I will sign off now and return with another post in the “what’s in my series” next week. Until then, sayonara!!

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