What’s in my beauty bag?!!

The final post for the ‘what’s in my’ series (atleast for now) !! I am no beauty queen, but im a working mama on the run and i need to keep a presentable face at most times, so that my patients don’t deteriorate (or worse arrest) because of my sleepless mama appearance. To make things even more interesting i have dermatitis, that flares because of lack of sleep, stress, sunlight ( read: my normal lifestyle), so i have to take care of that as well ( hands on my patient, or to itch my face… Decisions…)
Hence, i will be writing about what i keep in my make up bag for a daily presentable me!


  1. Givenchy Make up bag – it was a wedding gift and I have been using it ever since. It is compact but fits in everything I need neatly.
  2. Nivea cream – i have used every product under the sun to keep my dermatitis under control.  I have found nothing better than good old nivea to keep it on bay and even treat flares. I cannot live without this one!
  3. Nivea BB cream – i have tried a few BB creams, and this one suits me best. All BB creams are magical, you just have to find the best one for you. I don’t need a concealer, foundation or sunscreen now. It’s my all in one! My other close alternative is the Garnier BB cream.
  4. Estee lauder blush  – i do not, by any means, have a pale complexion, but the pink is a bit too… Well over-distributed ?. So i take care of that with the BB cream and the blush provides the… blush… just where it’s supposed to be ☺️
  5. Hashmi kajal – call me old school, but this is the only kajal i use. It’s easy and quick to apply!
  6. Estee lauder mascara – if i have time
  7. Lipstick – since i have had a baby, and irresistible urges to kiss my LO innumerable times untill i drop her off in the morning, i have quit lip glosses. Now i just use plain old lipsticks by Revlon or Estee Lauder.
  8. Evian facial spray – helps me add extra moisture to my skin just before using the BB cream, specially during dermatitis flares
  9. Perfume – i cannot leave home/car without wearing a good perfume. I keep a perfume atomiser in my makeup bag plus a few travel size bottles of my fav fragrances.
  10. Mirror – i have to check how pretty i look with all that hard work!
  11. Lip balm – i love the ‘sugar cookie’ one from color trend
  12. Toothpaste,toothbrush and hair brush – for those night shifts
  13. Hair bands, pins and safety pins
  14. Nail file and nail clipper – for chipped and broken nails *sob*
Add them shades and i look like a yummy mummy ( crop the lower body please). I would love to know what you all glam queens keep in your make up bags! Keep tuned for my next post on my trip to maldives with tips on travelling with a baby! Until then ma’as salama!!

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