My Morning Masquerade – a quick makeup routine for mommies

I am totally not a routine person. I cannot do the same thing again and again everyday ( so i don’t excercise ?). Monotonosity is a health hazard for me literally. So today when i realised that i had been following the same morning makeup routine since the last 6 months, i was both horrified!! And proud of myself!! (Maybe i will not realise and excercise myself skinny someday!)
Mornings are the craziest times of the day, and if i managed to come out of my home, with a face not scary enough for children, then it really is something to be proud of. One reason could be that since i shifted into an apartment, that has lifts ( that have mirrors), i have become concious of how i look ( or maybe i just don’t want to scar myself for the whole day,incase i look at myself in the lift mirror)
So i thought why not share my morning make up routine with other mamas, who dread mornings like me! Success will depend on how long the routine takes, so quick is the magic word. It takes me just 5 minutes (or less) every morning, so here goes!
  1. Clinique face wash – i have the whole skin treatment set, but since i have dermatitis, their mosturizer is not enough for me and i use the cleanser occasionally.
  2. Nivea cream – my must have.
  3. Pore minimizer The Face Shop – i have really huge pores, and this helps for around 2-3 hours.
  4. Nivea BB cream – it changed the way use makeup really!
  5. Hashmi kajal – the condition of the tube shows how much i use it ☺️
  6. Estee Lauder Mascara – two flicks of the wand and my eyes are super gorg! (Hey, atleast i think so!)
  7. Estee Lauder blush – it’s part of the set and the color suits me. And it ensures i smile atleast once a day!
  8. Revlon Pink Blush Lipstick – not too dark, and perfect for day time!
That’s it! 2-3 (4,5,6….) puffs of perfume, and i am good to go!! Mama is going Emm, bye bye! (Wait, did i change my clothes ????!)
Mornings are, and always will be the craziest times of the day, no matter what you do! Just make sure they are filled with lots of hugs and kisses and cheerful goodbyes!!

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