Top 10 Breakfast Places In Dubai – A Round Up of Our Family Favorites

Those of you who know me (or those who follow me on instagram), know that i am a foodie at heart ( erm…even at belly ☺️). I just love cooking aaaand eating out too! (Well, i have to eat out to try new recipes later *blush*). So i thought why not put all that eating out (and DH’s money) to use and round up our top ten breakfast places in Dubai!
I said ‘our’, which obviously means it’s purely based on mine and my family’s preference. But i have to say they are all worth a try.
  1. Ihop Restaurant– i don’t really think i need to elaborate on this one. And i don’t even think i need to recommend the pancakes *slurp*. In case you haven’t, you should try the Florentine crepes and the big steak omelette. Needless to say, the portions here are huge, so if you are not a breakfast person, order minimally. IMG_0523
  2. Bnb Cricket Bar and Restaurant – our go to place for halwa puri! Although there is a little too much of pomegranate seeds in the curries, the ambience is good (if you exclude the ridiculous morning shows playing on TVs). We love the clean and airy place with lots of natural light. They also offer nihari, paye, naan and lassi for breakfast (if you would fancy that early in the morning!).   IMG_0531IMG_0532-0
  3. Shakespeare & co – They have quite a variety in their breakfast menu, and regardless of what you order, be prepared to over eat! The portions are big, served with tea/coffee, a juice and the bread basket of course! The food tastes great and we have never been disappointed. They also have a small playroom for children running cartoons. Oh and how about a yummy kids menu too?!  IMG_0522
  4. Home bakery – a relatively new restaurant, but one that can give the others a run for their money. Their breakfast menu is not a typical one. With innovative dishes like egg burger and the ultimate French toast (French toast infused with nutella and peanut butter and topped with cornflakes), and even more for lunch and dinner, this restaurant is definitely going a long way. Pssst… Their eggs benedict are drool worthy!!   IMG_0527  IMG_0526 IMG_0525
  5. French bakery – who wouldn’t want to go to France for breakfast? But if you are poor like me you will have to make do with the French Bakery. A little piece of France in Dubai. The selection of baked goods is just overwhelming and the coffee tastes just right! And the next time you feel like having a ‘real’ croissant, do not think twice! IMG_0524 
  6. Tim hortons – another bakery, but this time it is a tiny piece of Canada in UAE. I am not a big fan of their coffee, but the bagels are amazing. And so is the new menu of sandwiches and burgers that they have recently introduced. IMG_0536
  7. Magazi restaurant – tucked up in one corner in Muhaisnah, opposite Lulu Village, this restaurant is our go to place for anda paratha. They roll up your omelette in the paratha and it’s a great takeaway for an early morning long drive. Their chai is worth a mention too. So next time you feel like an anda paratha roll, or just a take away breakfast, do try them out!

    yes i am holding the chai between my thighs ? the cup holders were too busy ?
  8. Ripe market – Not a restaurant, but i know foodies can swear by this place! All kinds of gorgeous food in one place, on a Friday morning. Who can say no to all that choice of yummilicious food?! Go to this place if your family can not agree on one place to go for breakfast on a Friday morning.   IMG_0528
  9. Pappa roti – Not your typical breakfast place, but who wouldn’t want to have melt-in-your-mouth buns early in the morning??!! The crunchy from outside and melty inside buns keep us going for more. And I am in love with their chai.  IMG_0535
  10. Nirala – You cannot sit inside and eat in this place (atleast you cannot enjoy while you do so). It’s too stuffy and packed to properly have breakfast here. But you can always get a take away. Grab them halwa puris and lassis to remind you of Lahore! Caution: prepare to feel drowsy after breakfast here. A long snooze is recommended!
Here’s our round up of great breakfast places. What are yours?!

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