What’s in my fridge?! – my trial of healthy eating

I did say earlier that “what’s in my beauty bag” would be the last post in “what’s in my” series, but you how we girls love having a peek into other girls’ stuff?! Not in the bad way of course! Curiosity is human nature after all! So i just happened to open my fridge the other day and thought why not give you a  peek into my fridge. Now i am not the healthiest of people, but i make sure i am raising one, so i do stock up on healthy stuff.

And since i am off from work for sometime i thought why not try to be healthy myself ( with the occasional biryani ofcourse!) . So i revamped my pantry and fridge completely and stocked up on nutritious food ( let’s see how long it lasts!)

This is what my fridge looks exactly at the moment i am writing this post. I don’t know how long i will be able to maintain it this way but we do have to start somewhere right?  


Fresh room- fruits like oranges, apples, lemons. Basically any fruit i cannot pre-cut and store.

Upper shelf – yogurt, dates, berry bowl, ketchup, evaporated milk, butter. Berries have to be consumed quickly, so i always wash up all the berries and keep them in a bowl.  


Middle shelf – cut up fruits and vegetables. I try to wash and cut any fruits and vegetables that can be stored that way, and store them in food savers. Because i am very lazy when it comes to eating fruits, this is a very good idea for me! 


Lower shelf – milk, laban, leftovers. A shelf that is particularly full most of the time ☺️. I cannot drink milk so laban for me, fresh milk for the LO and long life milk for the hubby! And we are never out of leftovers guilty

Fruits and vegetable room – greens that include herbs, cucumbers, ginger, avocado . Not a lot of vegies i know! But since our schedules are very unpredictable i cannot buy fresh vegetables and leave them to rot in the fridge. So i either use frozen vegetables or get them only when i have to cook them.

Drawer – flours, quinoa, brown rice, oat bran. Mostly pantry items, but since they don’t get used so often in my home i keep them in the fridge, to prevent spoilage from heat or worse, pests!

Fridge Door – 


Top- eggs, breakfast items like peanut butter, jam, cheese. Eggs are very important in my household. We can do without the others though!

Middle – olives, ginger garlic paste, thai chili sauce, peri peri sauce, baking ingredients.

Lower – water, oil, mayo and that guilty can of soda ( not mine!!!)



Top shelf – french fries, burger buns, slice bread, tortillas, peas. I freeze my bread and when reheated it’s as good as fresh!

Lower shelf – mutton, chicken, burger patties, mince mutton, prawns.

Door – nuggets, mixed vegies, mozarella, butter, puff pastry sheets, yeast, lemongrass.

I bake the fries and nuggets, and grill the burgers on my electric grill, this way i always have a quick dinner on hand (if i think home delivery will take too much time ?).

It is a very slow process and our eating habits will not change overnight, but i am loving it so far! And i have to say that if i compare my eating habits now with my pre baby ones, I have definitely come a long (and better) way! All thanks to my tiny clean eater (MashaaAllah).

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