Mama In Scrubs Goes To Logma!

Living in a multicultural city has its perks. Especially for foodies like me! I have tried authentic cuisines from so many corners of the world and I am not done yet! But what about the cuisine from right here, where we live? Yes, I am talking about none other than the rich Emirati cuisine, that I have sampled only from homes of close Emirati friends.

It was inevitable that a restaurant featuring this divine cuisine opens up, and I try it ?. So i dragged my uncertain husband to Logma the other day, and all i can say is that it will be him who will suggest going again ??

Located in Box Park, Al Safa, it is impossible to miss this eatery. The ambience is as Emirati as could be, with a casual touch. Waiters are dressed in local attire and extremely friendly. Both outdoor and indoor seating is available.



We ordered two best sellers, the Logma Shrimp Rice and the Roasted Chicken Sandwich . The food did not take long to arrive. I loved the Shrimp Rice! It came with a side of yougurt dip and was flavorful. Cooked to perfection! The spices though scanty, were just the right amount and every spoonful was bursting with flavours. The sandwich was a little low on the flavours but overall it was a very good change from all the greasy burgers, and was light on the stomach.


For dessert, we ordered the Date Pudding. My husband was surprised at me ordering dessert! (I never do!), but the description of the pudding just lured me and i gave in. I have to say, i did not regret it at all!!! Rich, warm and decadent date cake, served with gooey caramel and vanilla ice cream. The first bite and i was in love!! ??? after that it was fight between me and my dessert loving husband about who gets to eat it! I am definitely going back for more, and more….. And lots more!!!! *drool*

The Passion of Arabia mocktail is worth a mention too. Made with pineapple and passion, it is one refreshing drink, and dare i say, another best seller!


Logma gets 5 stars from Mama In Scrubs and definitely on my recommended list! Be sure to swing by atleast once to try it and you will certainly go back for more!!

Read more about the concept of Logma on their website – 

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  1. Dana Wolley says:

    Amazing review, Logma is also one of my favorite spots in Dubai ???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mama In Scrubs says:

      Thank you Dana!


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