My Silvercross Reflex – a review of possibly the most advanced stroller in the world!!

I am the kind of person who likes to research everything and anything before i buy it. I either have to know everything possible about it, or i have to fall in love with it the moment i enter the shop. For silvercross reflex it was kind of both!

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I was looking for a stylish stroller for my toddler since a long time. I did not want to compromise on functionality because of looks or vice versa. I read a lot about bugaboos, and silver cross and strollers from mamas and papas and phil and teds etc, all apparently neck to neck in features, functionality and looks.

But once i saw the silvercross reflex at mothercare, i was in love. The design is enough to sell itself but the more i read about it, i became surer that i have found ‘the one’ ?

Clad in bright colors ( i got the juicy raspberry one!!), the frame is one sturdy boy. It is an umbrella stroller so perfect for my compact car boot. The seat multi position recline goes to completely flat, which means it can be used for tots who still nap (while mommy takes a stroll in the mall).

The seat is big enough for older children. The stroller is also equipped with an led safety light on either side for night time use. The hood is extendable upto the front bar and is UPF 50+, which is perfect for sunny days in the desert ?. Oh and a foot muff too! For those extra chilled malls brrr ❄️⛄️



It easily converts into a travel system with compatible car seats. There is an new born accessory pack for well, new borns, which comes with a baby nest liner, a second hood ( for rear facing) and a jersey apron. The best part is that it can be rear facing, so baby doesn’t miss mama, or front facing for the older kids who want to see the world around them.


The stroller is padded well and also has a basket of decent size. There is a pocket on the backside for your mobile, car keys etc. The original stroller does not come with a cup holder, but you can buy it separately (so don’t ditch that cup of coffee just yet mamas!). I bought a stroller console separately and found it very useful, you can have a look at it here.

I have used it on beach sand, grass, pebbled paths, and of course mall floors and it works well on all terrains. I love how easy it is to swerve and how pushing it does not require a lot of work from my side. To add to that it works beautifully with just one hand, incase you got a lot of bags in your other hand, or your baby decides he doesn’t want to sit in the stroller anymore!


It opens and folds very easily and with least effort. I have even tried it while carrying my lo, so one handed is fine too! Although the first couple of times it will require a little bit of strength. I have even used it while commuting between islands by speed boat ( which means a lot of opening and folding again) and it never dissapointed me! And ladies and gentlemen my silvercross reflex has also survived 2 flights with the booked luggage and it is doing just great!! (strong boy!)


You can tell by now how much i love it! To sum it all up, i even love love love the cute silvercross logo! (Beat that!!)


All in all, a great buy, that will grow with your baby and last through it too. Silvercross reflex just won the silver prize in the ‘favorite stroller’ category at My Child Magazine’s Excellence Awards ( Australia ), now that is what i call great news!! And that is not thw only award it

For more information head on to their site:

You will find silvercross strollers, prams and accessories at Mothercare stores in UAE.

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