10 Instagram accounts to follow – a roundup of my favorites

Since day one i have been a huge fan of Instagram, currently holding 3 accounts on it, i really can never have enough of it! I was always a ‘photos’ kind of person. I love taking photos of everything and anything! To me they are all memories ? and everytime they pop up on my timehop, i am glad that i took them.

Apart from posting my own photos on instagram, i love spending hours going through my newsfeed. And that is because i am following some pretty awesome instagrammers! Here is my round up of the top ten instagrammers that not only make my newsfeed worthwhile, but make me actually look forward to my ‘instagram time’ ?

  1. @theHappyboxofficial ??? – this the instagram of an awesome business that sends happiness to your home for your little ones! Out of La La Land we can call them boxes containing month long educational activities for the kids. Follow for a good dose of confetti, rainbows, glitter and all happy things ? .It will make you truly happy everytime you open it!   img_1549
  2. @Moodlamode – I honestly don’t know who is behind this account, something to do with fashion and brands, the bio doesn’t say much. Nevertheless i love the photos! Full of life and so much more! Definitely a must follow account for a fashionista!img_1548
  3. @Zoskitchen – okay i just started drooling as i wrote the name *gah*. If you don’t already know about Zo’s kitchen ( and i will judge you for that) , it’s your go to for luscious homemade desserts! The selection is completely drool worthy and there’s nothing you wouldn’t want to try. Coming back to the instagram account, i had no idea that the same cake can look so delish in every photo! It’s either the photgraphing skills, or the food itself! Everytime you hop to this account you will literally feel the smell of baking wafting out of it – no kidding! img_1547
  4. @Pixiecurtis – this pint sized instagram sensation is known by all! Famous for her handmade bows (definitely!) and witty captions (account is managed by her mother ofcourse) this 4 year old is adorbs!!!   img_1556
  5. @Glitterguide – a lifestyle blog, and one of the best i must say! Even if you are not into lifestyle blogs, you will love the photos this account has to offer.   img_1552
  6. @Mrslouisenichol – the account of editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and mother of 2 adorable kiddos! Another account that is so full of life and gorgeousness. A perfect balance of work and personal life can be seen here. img_1553
  7. @Littlebabylily – A gorgeous fashionista in the making! Everything from the ensembles to her expressions is lovable. Run by her mommy, this account is a must follow for every mother who has a daughter!!  img_1551
  8. @Thedaddyfashionstylist – another stunning mini fashionista! The account is her doting dad’s, but it is one whose posts i always wait for! Be it his daughter’s hairstyles, or dresses, or even her Alice In Wonderland themed birthday!!! I adore this account for this man’s sense of humor too!  img_1550
  9. @Diaryofalifestylemommy – One word. SuperMom!!! Never a post that will bore you. Everything on her feed makes you wonder, how does she do it?! MashaaAllah!img_1554
  10. @Salehalbraik – it may be an understatement to say that his photography skills are over the top. This guy makes the minutest of things look big, thought provoking and beautiful to say the least! And the captions that go with all of them are not short of superb prose!

    I am a particular fan of the karak photos ☕️

These were my top ten. Do tell me about which instagrammers are your favorite!

Disclaimer- the above list is in no particular order and a list based on my personal favorites. All the photos are taken from the respective instagram accounts of the people mentioned. It was very difficult (to the point of painful) to choose just a few. But i had to limit myself to ten to actually publish this post on time!

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