My Ramadan Journal

I know it is very late and it has already been like 3 weeks since Eid, but this Ramadan was a little extra special for me, and i wanted to share with everyone my Ramadan Diary. I could not write this post earlier as i was busy preparing for a board exam. But now that i am done, here it is!
  1. It’s the first fast but i cannot feel that i am fasting yet! i had detoxed a week earlier so no caffeine withdrawal effects, hunger, cravings etc. Best decision ever! Today I finish decorating the home for Ramadan (since i was sick a day earlier) , complete my daughter’s photo shoot for Ramadan greeting cards, make and send them out, and clean the house. I break my fast at work today. Iftar courtesy – the hospital. I am not even hungry anymore 😦         img_22211img_21771
  2. My work shift ended at around suhoor time, so i had suhoor with my family. I haven’t slept the night and by the looks of my daughter’s energy levels, not getting sleep anytime soon! Atleast i don’t have to cook iftar because we are invited by family friends! Yay for iftar parties! so i basically just lounge around like a zombie all day and get excited about dressing up my daughter for the party (that’s me)  img_2232
  3. It was my daughter’s first suhoor today! She woke up with us (very fresh!), we then lit up the fairylights in the hall, prayed and played a little. I am off work today, and we are invited for iftar again (lucky me!). Since I am well rested and fresh today, we do a bit of Ramadan crafts. My daughter and I made Ramadan greeting cards for family ( and since we were invited in the evening by relatives, for them too!). Then we read a few pages from the dua book i got for my daughter specially for Ramadan.      img_21782img_2175img_2220
  4. Back to work, and this time my whole shift will be while i am fasting. Funny but i still don’t feel hungry. My shift ends just an hour before iftar. So i have iftar at my parents’ home.
  5. I have academic day today, so we start late and end earlier (no breaks). I rush to the supermarket right after it get’s over to get some (or alot of) grocery. Today is also my daughter’s first parent teacher meeting at nursery (time flies doesn’t it?) And then i take my daughter to her last session at Toddler Sense. Today me and my daughter learn about the importance of neighbours in Islam, and we make some treat bags for them. After Asr, we both set out to distribute the bags to our neighbours. It has been a hectic and tiring day and Hubby has been kind enough to take us out for iftar 🙂        img_22221img_22261img_22241img_22231
  6. My shift ends at 6pm again today. It was a hectic day in the Resus Room. 3 polytraumas (patients with multiple serious injuries). I have my end of year exam in around a month so i decide to start preparing for it today as i don’t have much to do at home. Didn’t get too far though! 2 pages and i am out!
  7. I have night shift today, so i can sleep in a bit and prepare iftar at home Alhumdulillah. The first iftar i make this year, so i made sure it was not short of a treat for my family.  img_22271
  8. Suhoor in the hospital! It was the weird cases day today. The most peculiar of them all? 17 yr old with MI (heart attack). YUP!!. I come back from my shift at 6.30, sleepily prepare my daughter’s lunch and send her off to nursery. It’s her last day today, so i dressed her up for an end of term party. I Sleep for a while and then prepare iftar for the day.  img_2176
  9. Ramadan and Resus Room are not a good combination at all! 4 polytraumas and 2 heat stroke cases apart from the usual cases. We have been on our toes since we broke our fasts! the moment i sit in the car, i have severe back pain. Oh how i would just love to crawl into bed right now. But first, suhoor and fajr, and then drive back home with daughter. Oh sweet sleep!!!
  10. I am off again! yay! We have iftar at our favorite restaurant, Palermo (Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club), because i have been groggy all day. Today is also international islamic book day. Me and my daughter pick out an islamic book for bedtime and read it together.    img_2233img_2234
  11. Today is another crazy day at work. 4 patients with carbon mono oxide poisoning! and the worst part? all they complained of was headache because they were in a freshly painted room the whole night?! Once we got to the diagnosis (which was fairly quick Alhumdulillah), everything was a blur of repeating ABGs and writing notes!
  12. Academic day! Hubby has a office iftar today, so me and DD are going out with my sister for eid shopping and iftar later. Pretty uneventful apart from the fact that i did not find anything ‘wearable’ for my daughter (i had concluded that all the stores had resorted to selling rags, because they were out of stock on all of their collection) and oh yes, the poop session right at the time of Maghrib! (can mommy break her fast in peace? no? ok )  img_22281
  13. I have a late shift, and DD does not have nursery, so we both sleep in today! later in the day we color in our Ramadan coloring book and play dress up ( and mommy takes a thousand photos). I have iftar at work again (shouldn’t say this but i am so tired of the same menu repeating. Just one more day to go in the ED!)  img_2235
  14. Shift ends at suhoor time, but i am not getting sleep until late because summer camp begins today! Nothing special today except catching up on sleep and playing with my LO until i leave for another night shift just before iftar!
  15. I get back at suhoor again, send off daughter to summer camp and catch some sleep. Iftar is at my parents’ home tonight. I prepare for an Iftar party at my place the next day, dress up my daughter and leave for iftar.
  16. Half of Ramadan has passed and i feel like i have not achieved anything yet. Not letting the thought bring me down though! I prepare for iftar at my place, arrange the table, tidy up the home etc. I feel so good everytime i have guests over at my place. It’s like they fill your home with blessings Alhumdulillah. Our religion has made everything so easy. Everyone liked the food i cooked and the arrangements i made Alhumdulillah, i cannot be happier! We end the day by giving our guests copies of dua booklets (which my brother was kind enough to get photocopied)
  17. It is my brother’s birthday today, so (obviously) it means we are going out for iftar. We clean up the home and kitchen, listen to nasheeds and play.Today i experimented with my daughter’s hair, by making a bun. Experiment successful as the bun lasted 35.2345 minutes exactly! Me and my daughter also made a yummy cherry clafoutis before leaving for iftar at Hot n Spicy.  img_2236
  18. Studying for the exam gets more serious today! up and at ‘em at the library!
  19. Academic day is getting boring as we get further into Ramadan as sleep deprivation has started to get the best of us, and we cannot usually concentrate on lectures without a cup of coffee in hand.
  20. Studying is hard work! Iftar is at The Fish Market at Radisson Blu. Of course i had a good time dressing up my LO 🙂
  21. All of my energy is going into studying (or making to do lists) and work. And as the last ten nights of Ramadan has begun sleep deprivation is at it’s peak! By the time i get home i have no energy (or desire) to cook. DH understands and has made reservations. I am a happy woman! Iftar at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor.
  22. Getting my act together and cooking today. Studying on the other hand is *cough* *cough* *spasm*
  23. Daddy got a new car (which means treaaaaat!!!) I can study today (or pretend to atleast)
  24. I have lost track of days and nights. Everything looks like one long day. If you ask me the date, i have no idea. I feel i haven’t slept in years (2 years to be exact – which is my daughter’s age :P) DD has still gotten used to the change in timings during Ramadan and we are going by 2 different schedules at my home. Iftar today is at Feast at Sheraton Shk Zayed Road.
  25. Study, work, eat, sleep (or not). Repeat. Worship at it’s peak. The last ten nights of Ramadan make you a person you never thought you could become. InshaaAllah we all remain that way throughout the year.
  26. Today i prepared iftar for my neighbours. Although i am not at home most of the time, i have found some awesome people who live around me. Good neighbours are a blessing and I wanted to thank Allah for that.  img_21791
  27. Ramadan has almost slipped away. It makes my cry just thinking that it will be over soon. The whole month i kept making niyah that i will send iftar to the masjid one day. But never came around to it. But today i decided to send suhoor instead, as they are very crowded nowadays due to qayam ul lail. Alhumdulillah.
  28. It is my SIL’s birthday today. So we go to B and B for iftar. Me and my daughter have begun preparing for Eid. Tonight is the last big night.
  29. Last day of Ramadan. It’s my sister’s birthday. We have iftar at The Oberoi Hotel. I have chosen a special dress for my daughter to mark the last day of Ramadan. Once the moon was sighted wishes started coming in, and we got busy with preparing for Eid. I slept late after preparing for the Eid brunch at my home, decorating the home for Eid, and doing a special surprise set up for my DD. She has been such a great kid the whole Ramadan,and her presence really made it more meaningful for me, so she definitely deserved a little celebration. While i was decorating the home at night, in the dark and quiet, i just felt so sad inside. The joyful mornings and blessed nights are over. But as i lost Ramadan, i found myself somewhere in the middle of those nights, and that made me truly happy.    img_22301img_22311
I am already looking forward to the next Ramadan with my DD inshaaAllah, as she will be older and be able to make more sense (hopefully… or am i dreaming?!). What was the highlight of this month for you? I would love to read your stories!!
p.s – Although i know that many people will be as happy as me about my Ramadan Diary, i also know that there will be negative comments. My intention here is not showing off. I might, just might, inspire a few people who need it, but that is not my intention too. I wrote this article because i have been asked by a lot of people how i manage home and work, and i thought this will give everyone a nice idea. Furthermore, as i said earlier, this month has been extra special for me and i wanted to share my happiness. Take it as a page from my personal journal and if you don’t like it, skip it!

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