Sacoor Kids Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection Fashion Show

Mini fashionistas (Or rather mamas of mini fashionistas 😉 ) behold ! The Autumn/Winter 2015 collection of Sacoor Kids is now in stores!

The new collection was show cased on the ramp, in a fashion show featuring mini fashion models, on Friday 14th August, at The Dubai Mall. The collection starred alluring colors and designs that will surely make the kids’ winter wardrobe matchless.


I am personally a big fan of the ensemble at Sacoor Kids, specially the shirts for girls, which always look like they are a custom fit. And with the various accessories (and not to forget the gorgeous loafers), and chic dresses, Sacoor Kids is a premium one stop shop for all fashion enthusiastic mothers.

20 little trendsetters walked the ramp to a house full at the Fashion Catwalk, Dubai Mall.


Please note that the pretty floral dress adorned by the presenter is by Sacoor Brothers too (I love love love floral prints! and that color is ah-mazing too. Ok i will stop drooling now)


Flattering suits for the dapper little men! You just have to give Sacoor Brothers an applause for their stunning suits!!

If asked to pick one out of the collection (which makes me cry because i want them allll!!) I would go for this light pink shirt dress with a ruffled skirt. Perfect for formal outings, yet so comfortable and elegant! (Yes, i know the collection is for kids, but one can dream right?!)












The new collection was revealed at The Dubai Mall as part of the Kids’ Fashion Fest. The apparel is up for grabs at all the Sacoor Kids boutiques!

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