The Subscription Box Craze – The Ultimate List of Subscription Boxes in UAE

I used to be a big nerd during med school. Big one! I did not mind wearing ugly cargo pants with my white coat and scarf. Neither did i mind wearing anything and everything my mom bought for me. In fact, i only had clothes that my mom chose for me. As long as it looked like it will cover my body, it was fine with me *yikes*. I had always been this way and despite people trying to give me fashion advice, i never really understood the game. Until i started my internship year. I was quite tired of being the big nerd that i was and decided to take a break. Only to realise that once i put my mind into it, people actually liked my style ( i am still not there though 😦 ) That is when my sister (big time fashionista MashaaAllah) took the chance and started converting me, and my daughter completed the job. All the talk of being her role model and all really got into me and now my husband is having a hard time maintaining two fashionistas LOL.

Long story short, i have recently been catching on with quite a few trends, one of them being subscription boxes. There is a mind boggling collection in Dubai and it keeps on growing. So to keep all of you (and myself) in line with the numerous services, i decided to compile this list of all (all those which i could find out about) the subscription box services in Dubai. Here goes…


Glambox – I don’t think anybody needs any introduction to glambox. I woudn’t even be surprised if this was the “box” that started it all in UAE 😛 In summary, you get a monthly box full of beauty goodies of various brands and types. Most of them are sample sized but you do get full sized products too. Subscription price is AED 849 for 12 months.



Zanedo – Another beauty box, but they guarantee you 2 full size products every month and that too in an eco-friendly box. I have read reviews of the box saying that their brand variety is not comparable to Glambox but i would have to see it myself to confirm that. I have been through their instagram feed and i love the brand variety so far! Subscription price is AED 759 for 12months.


Box therapy – Okay so i am officially in love with this box, and if i do get any subscription on this list, this will be the first! A lifestyle subscription box, caters to all your lifestyle needs every month. The products are based on eight categories, fashion, cosmetics and perfumes, fitness, nutrition and cooking, home decor, experiences, hair, skin and nail care and electronics. That is a lot gifts every month, from me to me 😀 I could not get the price as their website is renovating.
screen-shot-2016-07-05-at-3-12-53-pm – Another lifestyle box, but this one is based on middle eastern designers and brands. An initiative by Khaleejesque, they promise exciting khaleeji designs, exclusive collaborations and limited edition collections. The price is quite steep, being AED 2555 for 12 months, but the concept looks promising!
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Bloombox – Not a lifestyle box per say, but a box full of fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep, guaranteed to make your home look brighter. Subscriptions are for AED 980 for weekly deliver for 1 month. The flowers come in a box with a manual of floristry tips and tricks.


Munchbox – Let’s face it. We all end up snacking more than we have actual proper meals. And most of the time our choices are pretty awful *guilty*. Munch box offers nutritious snacks for people on the go. Moreover the boxes are portion controlled so we don’t go over board trying to snack healthy :P. The pictures sure do look drool worthy and i am planning on trying them soon! Price for 6 month subscription is AED 899 with weekly box delivery (24 boxes total)
Goodybox – I love the concept of Goody Box. They are a small team of entrepreneurs trying to tackle the problem of lack of access to healthy food in the middle east. They are also trying to make wholesome food available and affordable for everyone. They cater to various food intolerances/preferences as well as kids! The price of a box is roughly AED 185 with upto 27% discount for members.kids_box_large
Redcoffee24 – Real coffee lovers, this one is for you. Redcoffee 24 is a subscription box that delivers freshly roasted coffee, according to your preference, monthly. Price for a box is AED 130 monthly for a 12 month subscription.
Fruitful Day – Fancy some fruits for snacks? This is the answer! The company sources fresh fruits from the region (with a few exceptions), sends them to you washed and bagged in an eco friendly box every week, and any left over fruits they have are donated to workers in DIP. This is an awesome deal for something so tasty! They have two kinds of boxes. Staples box that includes old favorites, while the other is Discovery box and features a new combo every week, so you don’t get bored. Prices start from AED 95/ box for Staples Box and AED125/box for the Staples Box.
Ripe – My personal favorite! Ripe has a range of boxes to please all kinds of palates. Whether you are a fruit lover, vegetarian, a juicing maestro or just want a box of fresh produce for your family, Ripe has organic and locally produced goodies to deliver to you! Prices range from AED 60-200/box.
Gingerbread box – UAE’s first premium sweet treats box. This one is for all those people with a serious sweet tooth. Boxes are curated using desserts from premium brands, organic and gourmet bakeries and chocolate connoisseurs, as claimed by the website. Subscription for 6 months is for AED 534. Here come my sugary cravings…boxpic_grande
Dinner time – This could appeal to people who like/want to cook at home for their family, but don’t have the time. Dinner time sends a box of groceries and recipes, good for preparing 4 meals per week. The menus are well balanced and have a lot of variety. They also cater to vegetarian, gluten free and paleo diets. Prices range from AED 200-420/box.
Cook a box – The same concept as Dinner time, they cater to 2 or 4 people, with options of 3 or 4 meals per week. You get your groceries and recipes that you choose from a meal menu, delivered to you for hassle free cooking with time to spare. Prices are AED 250/week for 2 people and AED 410/week for 4 people, for a 4 meal plan
Greenheart organic  – Greenheart offers fresh, organic and locally grown produce. They are the prime suppliers for NKD pizza, detox delight and even Dinner Time. They have an overwhelming variety of boxes full of yummy goodies. From breakfast boxes to snack boxes for kids, to juicing boxes and mixed produce boxes for family, they have you covered! Prices range from AED 60 – 190/box.
Yum In A Box – Aiming to encourage healthy eating habits in kids, this box provides nutritious yet fun food on a daily basis. Catering to ages 2-10 (and even their mothers). The service is yet not launched, but will be starting in September 2016. The concept is amazing and looks so promising. Best of luck to the team and keep an eye out for this one!


Happy box – This box needs no intro. It is all things rainbow, glitter, unicorns and just happy :D. A monthly themed box containing educational and fun activities for little ones. Your kiddos will wait for this surprise every month. Price is AED 2400 for a 12 month subscription.
Kenzi box – Another box filled with exciting projects encouraging creative play among kids. They too have a monthly theme based projects that cater to ages 3-8. Price is AED 99/box/month with separate delivery charges.
Mama’s box – how about something for the kiddos not born yet? yes there’s a box for them too :D. Mama’s Box caters to pregnant women, with boxes full of goodies that the mama and bump will need and love! An excellent and lovely concept. Price is AED 1440 for 6 months. Anything to make pregnancy even more exciting! Oh and now you don’t have to sit and wonder what to get your friend for her baby shower 😛
Kitabox – An exciting initiative to make reading a habit from a young age. I personally love the idea of these boxes. Kitabox will send you themed books along with a fun playbook and a “surprise” every month. Catering to ages 2-10 and with options of English only , Arabic only or Both English and Arabic books. For a comprehensive review of this box, head over to One Geek Of A Parent. I only wish there was one like this for us mommies 😦past-boxes-01


Pet box – a box full of surprises for your furry little one! These monthly boxes send goodies to make your cat and dog pets happy and healthy. The price is AED 177/month for a 6 month subscription.
Pet pack – This box subscription service is offered by The Pet Shop. Curating boxes full of treats and toys for your cat or dog. Price is AED 179/month for a 3 month subscription.
Here is my round-up of all the Subscription Box services currently in UAE, that i know of. Is there any that you have heard of and isn’t on the list? Which one is your favorite? Do let me know! I will soon be writing a post on all the subscription services in UAE (if i ever do complete that list!)
On another note, i have a very crucial exam coming up (life and death situation :P) so please do keep me in your prayers! And if you notice that i have disappeared….there is no other reason!
Eid Mubarak to all my muslim friends and followers!! Ciao!
*all the photos have been taken from the respective websites or social media of the brands mentioned.
**The featured image is taken from the gingerbread box website, featuring their march box.

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