My Experience with Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil

Let me first tell you about my battle with eczema. It started when I was in medical college. Apparently any exposure to petroleum (even it’s fumes) would cause my face to develop a red (ugly), itchy rash, that would look like a sunburn. It would eventually end with peeling of my skin and new one being generated. Initially it was just a reaction to allergens, but slowly I realised that even a small amount of stress would trigger it. Lack of sleep, too much coffee, eating junk food (basically my life…), would all cause my eczema to flair up horribly, leaving me desperate to get rid of it. As life happens, the only solution to my problem was daily steroid ointment application. Thank you!


Of course not wanting to go with option A,I  tried all B, C, Ds in vain. Until i settled for big tubs of good old (and cheap ) moisturizing creams. The key here is to keep my skin moisturized (very.. moisturized). So much so that sometimes i would be shining will all that “moisture” on my face, which people kindly called a “glow”.


Considering my very long story above and my daily struggle with something that affects my face and scalp (thank you again!), I jumped at the opportunity to use the Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil.


Disclaimer first! I have been provided with the product by Palmer’s, but all the views in this post are mine alone.
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Starting with the key ingredients. Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil is made of :

  1. Cocoa butter – a key ingredient in almost all of Palmer’s products. It is known for it’s moisturising properties and also helps in healing damaged skin.
  2. Vitamins A, E and C – all the good vitamins for the skin, benefitting it’s elasticity and renewal.
  3. A blend of 8 oils – namely almond, coconut, argan, grapeseed, macadamia, apricot, rosehip and sesame. Even if you are not into beauty products, and just care to read the top labels of your cosmetics, you would know that each one of these are considered gold for the skin!


The Smell – the Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil has the fragrance of Rose hip, with subtle hints of Cocoa. After being applied on the skin, you can barely smell any of it, and once you have applied makeup, you cannot even notice that you are wearing an oil.


The Look – The facial oil comes in a 30ml bottle, with a dropper on top. The oil itself is almost transparent with a light yellow hue.



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The Feel –  The oil is not very thick, but rather runny. It absorbs quickly too, so I would advise to not use a cotton pad. It can simply be dropped onto the fingertips and applied to the face directly and massaged.

The overall experience:


Over the few days that i have been using the oil, i have developed a sort of a routine. After I  wash my face (with a scrub based, neutral pH, face wash), I dry my skin and apply a toner. Right after, I use 6 drops of Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil, and massage it into my skin, using upward strokes. It really does not take long for the oil to absorb into the skin and hands too! I then apply my usual bb cream.


The product might feel a little sticky in the first 15 minutes until it settles, especially if you go out directly into a humid area after applying it. But then again that could be psychological too, thinking that you are wearing “oil” on your face ?


You certainly cannot feel it once it has been on for an hour, and for me one application in the morning is enough. I have a combination skin type, so for dry skin 2 applications might be needed.


Keeping other things aside, I feel that the facial massage first thing in the morning really helps me rejuvenate! Imagine having a body massage first thing in the morning? Your face has muscles too! and ones that you use most everyday 😛 so why neglect them?! If you really want to do the massage right you can always google or youtube tutorials on how to massage your face. Hardly takes a minute!

The Final Verdict:


For now this has replaced my moisturizing cream and I am not really missing it. So I would say that this is for someone looking for a skin treatment, but doesn’t really have time to use a separate product daily. You will feel a difference in just a few days, and people will tell you that! It certainly has the makings of a very good product.


For anyone with facial eczema, I will be using the product for a month and posting an update on my experience.


Do let me know if you have used it product before. I would love to hear about your experience!



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