Best Cafes In Dubai To Work From Or Study At! 

I have been a “student” my whole life. Since I was 2.5, until now. Which also means that I have been studying all my life. Be it summer, winter, hail or storm. I always have exams that I have to study for 😦 . It was so much simpler when I was in school and college. We had dedicated studying/lecture hours, dedicated studying spaces, and even when I studied at home, I had a dedicated MOM, who took care that I did nothing but study 😛
Once I got into residency, it meant I was working and studying at the same time, and since it wasn’t a university course, I was left to study by other means. At home, whenever I could grab the time, that is.
Since I got married at the same time, and then had a baby, studying at home was never a good idea. I would get distracted by any mess around the home (OCD much!), and the study plan would go down the drain. I had only one library at work, which closed at 1pm, so that was not very helpful considering my chaotic shift timings.
By the end, I did what everybody in this city does, when they have to work “from home”. Go to a coffee shop and study (or work) away! Although I always looked like the odd one out, trying to highlight stuff in a bulky book, while others were typing on their laptops. I eventually got hang of e-learning. Which for me means, higlighting text on an e-book on my laptop 😛
Over the course of 4 years, I have developed a liking for a few of these places, which I thought I would share with you all, in case you are looking for a nice quiet place to study/work. So here goes:
  1. Cafe Bateel – My favorite! What I love about working over there is that it is always well lit, which really helps me stay awake while reading boring chapters. Their signature Coffee Dhibbs is my go-to to stay awake, and they have a great menu too.
  2. Cafe Zafferano – To be honest I have only been their once, but my friends always study there. As far as I know, they have only one branch, which is located near a library! It’s a really undisturbed place and the food is very appetizing!
  3. Costa Coffee – The best part about Costa is that you can find a branch close to you wherever you are in Dubai. So it is very convenient in that regard. But compared to other coffee shops, it is usually silent (busy but silent). I love their coffee and croissants too.
  4. Starbucks – Okay, Starbucks is quite a cliche in this list! But I found this precious branch in Dubai Outlet Mall, that is practically empty most of the time, and has a children’s soft play area right opposite it! Now that you know my secret, please don’t tell anyone!
  5. Paul Bakery – An elegant bakery, with delectable food and cosy nooks where one can sit and mind their own business. This is one place where I can sit and study without headphones, because french songs don’t really bother me 😛 😛
  6. French Bakery – Second on my favorite coffees’ list! The bakery is usually very quiet and they have a variety of tables and chairs, so you can choose your seating place according to how comfortable (or long) you want to sit there.

All the places mentioned here have free wifi and good food. I don’t know about you, but one reason why I don’t agree with libraries is because my mouth needs to run while my mind is running. And by mouth running, I mean chewing :P. Want to check how much I studied for an exam? Check how much weight I gained!!

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