Lucky Lips – Reviewing Palmers Lip Balms

I have to admit it. Palmers has converted me into glam girl. I have learnt about and experienced products I wouldn’t have come across if it were up to me. Thanks to this inspiration, i am going to setup my own beauty station at home soon, so watch this space!!

Coming back to my April experience from Palmer’s. I have recieved three luscious lip balms and I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

The desert air and sun both affect our skin and lips adversely. Resulting in sunburns, chapped or cracked lips, and a variety of other skin problems. 

The best thing i like about the Palmers lip balms is that they have an spf of 15 so they not only mosturize the lips, they also form a layer protecting the lips from the harmful rays of the sun.

And if i could get over my oohing and aahing over the cocoa butter from Palmers, i would tell you that the lip balms contain the same signature cocoa butter which nourishes the lips and forms a blanket that seals in moisture and makes the lips supple and healthy.

I am not even at the best part yet!! 

The lip balms come in 3 different flavors. The plain cocoa butter, mint and dark chocolate and cherry and dark chocolate, all three have their own unique qualities.
The plain cocoa butter lip balm smells just like chocolate and is clear, so it’s perfect for applying just before you sleep.

The mint and dark chocolate contains pepppermint and the lips tingle a little and feel cool, so it’s perfect for summers!

The cherry and dark chocolate smells just like cherries and it also has a light pink tint so it’s perfect for winter months and the times when you want to remain bare faced.

Natural ingredients in the Palmer’s Lip Balms ensure that your lips recieve essential nutrients and vitamins to keep them healthy and smooth. I think these three little ones are quite a steal, don’t you?!!

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