Washmen – the new on demand laundry service in Dubai

Even if we own a washing machine, we have to venture out to use a Laundry cleaning service for those “special” clothes. Be it work suits, wedding gowns, doctors coats, or even just everyday laundry for busy women. But if you have been to a laundry service you know the hassle involved. Sort clothes, count items, carry them to the laundry, and then pick it up once done. The laundry services that do pick up and drop off usually charge for the service and you have to be home both the times. What if I told you that there is a new solution to all this hassle and laundry can now be done by a few taps on your phone? No, I am not talking about an automated washing machine, I am talking about Washmen!

Washmen is an on-demand laundry and dry clean service that allows you to schedule pickups and delivery through their mobile app. It is the easiest laundry service I have used so far. Let me explain.

Download the app from the app store or play store and create an account. You have to add your credit card details before you start using the service.


On the Washmen app’s home screen (“Order” screen), you will see 2 options.

  1. Classic order – A classic order can be picked up/dropped off within half an hour time slots. Once you choose this option, you will be prompted to schedule pick up. Once you click on “Set pick up time”, the app will ask you whether you will leave the bag at the door or will be there in person. After choosing the relevant option you will be given choices of time slots starting from the time you are ordering at (eg if you tapped the option at 6.30pm, your options will be 6.30-7.00pm, 7.00-7.30pm and so on). You can also set the pickup date to any other day and time of preference. After timing for pick up is selected. The app asks you to schedule drop off time. Once you tap on that, you will again be given the option to choose between drop off at the door or if you will be there to receive it. Once chosen you get to set the date and time of drop off from the next day itself (eg. if you send your laundry on Monday 6.30-7.00pm, you can get it delivered by Tuesday 3.30-4.00pm at the earliest. Next day delivery carries a 50% surcharge). Once both pick up and drop off timings are set, you have many other options before tapping “Submit Order”. You can set laundry preferences to your liking. Here’s what’s included in the laundry preferences: Folding, crease for shirts and pants, starch for shirts, pick up/drop off notes and other (notes if you have any other preferences). Your preferences can be applied to only the current order or all future classic orders as well.

    At this point, you can also add a promo code (add NIDA_RASHID to get AED 40 off!!) or change your payment method. Once you confirm the order, you will receive a notification in the app and an SMS stating that washmen is on the way.

    All classic orders have a delivery charge of just AED 5 and if you choose “happy hour” as your pick up and delivery time, you can save up to AED 10!washmenwashmenwashmenwashmen

  2. Insta order – insta orders have FREE delivery!! and they have a lot of promotions too (reduced prices on specific items or wash bags. Check the app for the promotions information). Pick up, however, is within 90 minutes of placing the order (you cannot pre-schedule pick up). Once you tap on insta order, you will be taken to the preferences screen, where you can change your address, drop off preferences, laundry preferences, apply promo code and change payment method. Drop off timings choice is limited to before or after 8 pm for next day (50% surcharge applies) or after 2 days. Insta orders also don’t have the option of giving or receiving personally. It’s a doorstep service only.washmen

Other options in the Washmen app menu are as follows:


  1. Promo code – you get your own promo code to share with up to 10 friends and you can get AED 40 off overtime a friend places an order!
  2. Pricing – The pricing for all the color-coded bags is as follows. The dark blue: wash and fold bags are all you can wash and fold (no press) for a set price (any number of clothes you can fit into the bag). The Sea green: Clean + Press bags are for washing and ironing and separate items have different prices. And the White: Press only bags can be used for clothes you only want to be ironed and again different items have different charges.washmen
  3. Help – a very “helpful” help sections explaining the differences between bags, pricing, orders etc
  4. Settings – The settings is to adjust settings related to personal info, email, mobile number, city, address, and payment information. The payment info option also shows you your credit balance (earn credit by referring friends). 

If this is your first order, don’t worry about the “bags”. The Washmen brings you a pack of color-coded bags that you can use for your first and future orders (ask him for more when you run out).

Washmen also has a small live chat option on the upper right corner of the home screen to reach out to in case of any doubts.



Washmen is a smooth and reasonably priced option to get your clothes laundered and all by a few taps on the phone. To make sorting easier throughout the week, just use your favorite bags (wash and fold is my favorite) or frequently used bags as the lining of your regular laundry bags. This way you just have to take the bag out and place it at the door right after you place the order on your phone!! 

Washmen now accepts payment through Apple Pay!! Can laundry get any easier?!!




Disclaimer – I received the service as compensation for this article, however all opinions and experiences are my own.

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  1. diorellajoy says:

    Love the concept! Another innovative way to help Mamas out there for easy housekeeping 🙂


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