Major Announcement!!! – Sharing a secret I have been holding on to!

Yes, it’s been a while and I have been MIA. For those of you who noticed and even personally messaged me, I love you all and thank you so much for remembering me. For those of you who did not notice, I love you guys too lol.

How long have I been away? seems like forever but it has just been 4 months. In this time I was even absent from social media for around 2 months but now I am back and will tell you the reason shortly.

Let me begin from the beginning. It was around late November that I started feeling dizzy and falling around (no joke)! Ring any bells? no?

Alright, so Aunt Flo was a week late too.

Any guesses now??? YUPPPP!!!!


[su_quote]I did the P test and it was POSITIVE!!! We are expecting BABY #2 MashaaAllah!!! #Alhumdulillah[/su_quote]


pregnancy announcement


I found about the pregnancy at 4 weeks and it has been a bumpy ride since. I was experiencing symptoms of a threatened miscarriage and was advised bed rest. Those symptoms took a while to pass, but Alhumdulillah they did.

End of 4th week the dreaded morning sickness began!

(Btw, morning sickness should get the “worst name ever” award right?? I mean it surely isn’t restricted to mornings!!)

Contrary to my first pregnancy, I was experiencing nausea and vomiting more during the evenings and night, however, my primary view until 13 weeks, any time of the day, was of the toilet. I was admitted twice to be treated for Hyperemesis Gravidarum but I finally got rid of morning sickness by the 17th week. My only savior during this period was a can of Coca-Cola every day (this is not an ad!). That’s the only thing that made me feel better and helped me get a few hours of sleep.

And the sleeeeep!!! I was tired AF, but could not get any sleep! Manaal was going to school and the only thing I could manage to do every day was, pack her lunch, dress her up and pick her up from school. My cell phone made me nauseous, my laptop would actually make me throw up! My kitchen was closed and my mum would cook on demand for me.

Sounds fun? I am not even at the best part yet. Our rental lease expired end of December and we had to move out. I tried my hand at packing boxes, would throw up and get severe palpitations and then gave up. We moved into my parents’ home (which was a blessing in disguise) over New Years. Just when I thought I was done with the challenges of this pregnancy, we had to travel.

We traveled to the States for 3 weeks and although we were traveling in business class, it was the worst travel experience of my life! I was 11 weeks pregnant while going there and 14 weeks pregnant while coming back and had an unruly 4-year-old who let go of all her angel-ness and turned into a tantrum throwing monster!! Thankfully I had family in Florida too and they were glad to take Manaal in their care.

About the monster. Have you felt your 1st child’s personality change the moment that second line on the pee stick appears?? OMG, I swear I feel like I was having a dream about Manaal’s personality for the last 4 years, because the Manaal I have known since I got pregnant, is someone completely different.

A more clingy, angry, emotional, careless, wild, needy, stubborn Manaal has taken the place of my sweet calm angel and I have no idea how to deal with this one. I have been having one #parentingfail moment after another and it gives me no hope for the second one.

All this apart, Manaal is overjoyed about welcoming a sibling and of course, after 5 years we are more than excited to have another set of tiny hands and feet to kiss and oh that new baby smell!! I am halfway through the pregnancy now at 22 weeks and I wanted to share with you all the other piece of my heart due mid-July 2018 inshaaAllah.

I will be sharing my pregnancy journey with you all moving forward so watch this space and my social media. Keep me and my family in your prayers and any tips on handling 2 kids, 5 years apart, are more than welcome (in fact, much needed) !!!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. This is great news Nida! Wishing you and your family the best for the future!


    1. says:

      Thank you Latika!!


  2. Explored by Mafaza says:

    That was so real. Am a mom of 3 and was lucky bot to face the morning sickness. May allah make it easy for you.


    1. says:

      Ameen! Thank you hun!! 😘


  3. Abrar says:

    Aaaaahhhhhh!!! Congrattttttssssss mashallah this is amazing news! Trust me, I’ve been there when I was pregnant with Hassan, Jenna’s personality changed but dw it eventually goes back to normal, I had reservations that I’d be able to handle two and was feeling guilty about Jenna having to share us! It will all work out Inshallah! Good luck! Wish u a happy and healthy remainder of pregnancy!! Xoxo


    1. says:

      Thank you Abrar!! I guess everyone does feel the same at the beginning and inshaaAllah it will work out.


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