College Nannies, Babysitters and Tutors: The complete childcare solution now in Miami!!


Disclaimer – This is a paid post and contains affiliate links. All words and views are my own.

I was reading an article the other day on Motherly about why motherhood is tiring and I came across this paragraph that got me thinking…
[su_quote url=””%5DDespite the demands, the moms surveyed said they do have helpful lifelines. The top items on the sanity-saver list include baby wipes and wet wipes, iPads, kids’ TV shows, drive-thru meals and coffee, Netflix and the help of grandparents and babysitters[/su_quote]
We all know how precious an extra set of hands is when raising young children. We all also know that despite all the talk about villages, mothers are almost always alone, whether working or not, in taking care of kids. So when you hear about a babysitting service that you can trust and that’s “customizable”, you jump! You jump at the chance to know all about it! You bet I did just that and that is why I will tell you all about the College Nannies today.
College Nannies is the largest leading national brand with a complete set of childcare and babysitting services. They legally employ, train and manage their group of caregivers themselves so that each and every employee has the same level of internal certification. They take the hassle out of finding trustworthy and expert babysitters for your family. Scheduling a nanny is made easier by the College Nannies free app. You just have to log in and set up your favorite babysitter for the desired time and date and you can just forget about your childcare woes!
college nannies
College nannies can find you your Mary Poppins in just a few easy steps. There is a one-time registration fee and you fill out a contract and family profile form. Once you fill in details about your family and preferences you get a username and password for the app.
college nannies
Login into the app and you can schedule a babysitter for anytime you want. It will then match your profile with the profiles of various babysitters in the system and give you the best options that are available. You can select the sitter and view their profile which tells you about their education, experience in childcare, certifications, CPR certification status, ability to transport children and even their hobbies. From this list, you can choose the babysitter you think works best for your family.
college nannies

What sets college nannies apart from other babysitting services? Here are just a few things:

  1. Nationally recognized background screening process – The first thing I need to know before leaving my children in anyone’s care is if they are trustworthy? Now I can interview them and try to go with my gut instincts when doing it on my own, but College Nannies take that hassle (and fear of being wrong) away from you, and screen every sitter through a nationally recognized background check. So when you hire a sitter, you know that you can trust them with your little ones.
  2. Profile matching – the profile of the family is matched with the sitters’ profiles and best matches are shown to you so that you can choose the one you like amongst those that closely match your needs.
  3. Ongoing learning and development program  (CNST certification training) – College Nannies have their own certification program that is mandatory for every babysitter to pass before getting into the system.
  4. Insurance and operational practices to meet SLA’s of nation’s leading Fortune 100 companies
  5. Part of bright horizons family solutions
  6. Driving – if you need your sitter to pick up kids from school because you will be late at work, College Nannies got it. If you need help dropping kids at their various afterschool activities, college nannies got it!! You can also request your sitter’s driving records, in case this is a service you use frequently.
  7. CPR – we cannot leave our precious kids with someone who we don’t trust of course. So College Nannies does that work for us by background checks. But if you know that if God-forbid, your child is in a situation where CPR can save their life, or they need first aid, their babysitter is certified and well equipped to handle such emergencies, you can sleep soundly at night! This is what I call cherry on top! Most College Nannies babysitters are CPR certified and it shows on their profiles.
  8. Homework help – College Nannies employees are either college students themselves or have worked in education environments can tutor your kids or help them with their homework while babysitting them. One more chore off your plate!H
  9. Help with housework – Although not the first thing you might hire a nanny for, but sometimes an extra set of hands to start dinner or someone to load the dishwasher really helps things get going, and is a blessing in disguise for working moms. Most College Nannies can help with light housekeeping.
  10. Full-time and part-time offering
  11. Babysitting while vacationing – with College Nannies available in almost every state, it is easy to schedule a babysitter where ever you are. Using the same app and account, just look for sitters available in your current area and you are set for a babysitter while on vacation!
 college nannies
college nannies

Now I have good news for Miami Dade county mom. I have teamed up with College Nannies to bring my readers an exclusive offer.

[su_quote]If you sign up to College nannies using my link, you will receive 50% off the one-time enrollment fee and also 4hours of free babysitting. That’s 180$ worth of savings for you!! It’s too good to pass offer for busy moms in Miami Dade. You can click here for my sign up link and since this is an affiliate program, I will earn money for every sign-up.[/su_quote]
Learn more about the College Nannies and Tutors on their website. Do you have any questions about the service? Please feel free to ask in the comments and I will try my best to answer them! I am going to try College Nannies for my 2-month-old son next week and I will be posting insta-stories about our experience so do not miss it!!

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