Who Is Mama In Scrubs


My name is Dr.Nida Rashid. A Pakistani Expat born and brought up in the United Arab Emirates. I am a doctor by profession and have worked in the ER for the past 5 years. Now a full-time resident doctor, a full-time wife, and mom to a little princess, owner of a start up, and author of my own blog, I am getting interested in learning and educating about Nutrition (particularly for children).

I started writing this blog as a means to have an outlet for my love of writing while I was pregnant. I forgot all about it once Manaal was born, but took it up again once she turned 1. I always had an itch to write, be it journals or articles for magazines/school year books. Now I write about everything I do as a family and otherwise.

I love food, cooking and eating both. The first time I cooked was when I was in 6th grade and I have since then felt an attraction towards the kitchen (and cooking shows. I love love love Jamie Oliver btw!!).

I love reading too. It has been an addiction since middle school and I just cannot get over it. There was a time after the Harry Potter series ended (yeah HP fan right here), that I just could not pick up another book, and this was apart from the fact that I was in Medical School and having my 1st year’s final exams 😛 . But then Judith McNaught happened and I couldn’t put down books again.

I have to admit that I have been a nerd most of my life. Thanks, Med School! And it may sound clichè but I have always loved learning and gaining knowledge. I have been known to stealing my brother’s accounting book and doing some self-learning, while I was in med school!

After becoming a mum, my life changed but not my love to try and master new things. Since I have a small fashionista, I got interested in kid’s fashion and 4 years later, it’s safe to say that I am an expert now.

If I start listing things I do and like to do in my free time, you won’t read it to the end so I will spare you from it. I have always been a person with multiple interests and although my parents wished it would go away as I grew up, the personality kind of stuck and here I am pursuing something new every hour!


The story behind the name of the blog:

So I was in the 2nd year of my residency when I became a mama. Now 2nd year is the busiest and crappiest year of ER residency (talk about bad timing!). So it just happened that my outfit of choice everywhere was my uniform, also known as scrubs! Now this was not purely out of choice, but the fact that I rarely got the time to get out of it. I would put it on, go to work, get back to my mums home to pick up Manaal (still in my scrubs, because mommy brain forgot to pack mommy clothes) and then back home. Sometimes when I got back home I had so much to do that even a “quick change” did not make sense (bedroom was upstairs) and plus those things are almost like pjs so. Don’t worry it was not health hazard as I always had a coat on and I would take it off in my car. So now since mama was in scrubs all the time, people started making fun of my work pyjamas and this happened during the time I started my blog and was thinking up a name. Boom!! Mama In Scrubs was born. I am the original Mama in those comfy scrubs!!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Claire says:

    WOW! I can’t believe all the amazing things you do. I’m wondering if you ever sleep! But more power to you with your career, motherhood, blog, start up, etc., etc.!!!


    1. dr.nidarashid@hotmail.com says:

      thank you, Claire! Your encouraging words mean a lot to me!


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